Kanako Kuroiwa (TOKITO Pastry Chef)

Kanako Kuroiwa (TOKITO Pastry Chef)

After graduating from a confectionery  school in Osaka, Kanako flew to France where she graduated from a local confectionery school.

After that, she toured various regions of France for about five years, training as a pastry chef through work at a one-star restaurant and resort hotel. After returning to Japan, she worked as a pastry chef at Michel Bras at a Resort Hotel located at Hokkaido’s Lake Toya, where she met Tokito’s current general manager, Kenji Ogawara, and forged ties leading to her current post.


The desserts made by Ms. Kanako Kuroiwa, Tokito’s pastry chef, are the embodiment of her charms. Strong like her commitment and as gentle as her smile, Kanako’s creations are
a crowd-pleasing dessert at the end of the course meal and the main part of Tokito’s afternoon tea (chaukebako).

Dessert is the final part of the Tokito course. The moment guests learn the story behind each of Kanako’s dishes, the moment they take a bite and smile with content – is the moment they understand Kanako’s gentle soul and inner strength. As the provider of an integral part of Tokito’s course composition, Kanako is an indispensable member of our team.


Yoshinori Ishii