Bookings start for stays at our auberge

Bookings for accommodations at our auberge start at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 on our official website or by phone. You can book dates from Auberge TOKITO’s grand opening on April 6 (Thursday) to the end of May. From April 1, bookings are available for dates two months ahead (from June onwards).

Auberge TOKITO consists of the shokubo dining room, which can also be used by auberge visitors, 106-square-meter shukubo guest rooms (breakfast and dinner included) each furnished with a kakenagashi free-flowing open-air hot spring bath, and sabo tea room offering afternoon tea and bar time. Luxuriate in a new form of Japanese cuisine created with uninhibited thinking that breaks free from the rules and restrictions of traditional kaiseki cuisine, here in the comfort of Tachikawa.

Please see our booking page for our grand opening commemorative package.


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