About your stay

About your stay

Front Reception #:*102

Free WiFi is available in TOKITO

SSID: TOKITO Guest         Password:tokito2492


Dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. at the counter in the dining room.

Breakfast is also served at the banquet hall. We will confirm your preferred time for breakfast at the time of dinner.

Air conditioning/lighting/shade operation

Air conditioning, lighting, and window shade settings should be operated from the panel next to the TV. The buttons on the night table next to the bed can also be used to open and close the lights and window shades.

Record Player Operation

The volume control of the record player can be operated by the iPad in the room. Records are available at the reception desk.

Butler Box

A butler box is available next to the entrance of your room. Please leave any unwanted toiletries, used cutlery, glasses, etc. in the box and our staff will collect them for you. If you wish to borrow any equipment, we will deliver it to you in the box. If you wish to have your items collected, please turn on the switch next to the box and place your unwanted items in the box. When you receive the items from the facility, please turn the switch to the off position.

Safety box

Please place your valuables in the safety deposit box located in the lower drawer of the walk-in closet.

Open-air bath

Please enter and exit the open-air bath through the door located in the shower room. The hot spring water is a yellowish-brown color, which is common in the Tama area. There are steps in the open-air bath, but the color of the water makes it difficult to see, so please be careful.

Operation of the electric reclining bed (only for Asazuki and Benikake)

Each bed can be operated with the remote control located on the nightstand.

Going out during midnight hours

For security reasons, the front gate and reception entrances are locked between midnight and 9:00 AM. If you wish to go out at night, please ask at the reception desk. The main phone number (042-525-8888) will be on automated voice after 8:00 p.m. If you are out of the house, please call the direct number (042-525-2424).

No smoking in the rooms

Smoking is not permitted in the rooms, on the terrace, or in any of the facilities. If you wish to smoke, please ask our staff for a smoking area.